One-Page Vita


Jerome C. Harste

  • Emeritus Professor, Indiana University (2006-Present)
  • Distinguished Professor, Literacy, Culture & Language Education (1971-2006)
  • Martha Lea and Bill Armstrong Chair in Teacher Education (Awarded 1998)

Business Address: 100 Heritage Road, Bloomington, IN 47408; 812/336-6925

Professional Experience Prior to Present Position: Elementary School Teacher — Monticello, MN, Grades 3 & 6 (1962-64); Santa Ana, Bolivia, Grades 1-8 (1964-66 as Peace Corps Volunteer); Instructor, Utah State University (Summer 1966); US Army, Vietnam Era Veteran (1967-69); Graduate Assistant, University of Minnesota (1966-67; 1969-71).

Educational Background: B.S., St. Cloud State, 1963; M.A., Ph.D., U of Minnesota, 1969, 1971.

Major Areas of Professional Interest: Reading & Writing Process, Early Literacy; Reading Comprehension, Teacher Education, Socio-Psycholinguistic Theory, Semiotics, Critical Literacy, School and Teacher Education Reform.

Professional Roles & Responsibilities: Chair, NCTE Diversity Task Force; Past President, National Council of Teachers of English; Whole Language Umbrella, Literacy Researcher Association (nee National Reading Conference), and National Conference on Research in Language and Literacy; Treasurer, Center for Expansion of Language & Thinking (1983-Present); Board Member, International Reading Association (1987-90); Member, NCTE’s Elementary Section Steering Committee, (1993-1996); Executive Committee, NCTE (1997-2000).

Honors: James Squire “Paradigm Shifters” Award (NCTE, 2017), Outstanding Language Arts Educator (NCTE, 2008); Oscar Causey Outstanding Contributions to Reading Research Award (2013), Distinguished Service Award (NCTE, 2013); Lifetime Achievement Award (Whole Language Umbrella, 2000); Educational Leadership Award (St. Cloud State College, 1998); Reading Hall of Fame (1997); IU’s Outstanding Contributions to Literacy Award (1997); Special Service Award (IRA); David H. Russell Award for Distinguished Contributions to Research in the Teaching of English (NCTE); Alumni Award, Center for Research on Human Learning, University of Minnesota; Albert J. Kingston Award for Distinguished Service (NRC).

Artistic Honors:
Signature Member, Missouri Watercolor Society (2012)
Signature Member: Bloomington Watercolor Society (2013)
Signature Member: Watercolor Society of Indiana (2020)

Major Publications:  Teaching Reading K-8: Disrupting 10 Literacy Myths (Leland, Lewison, & Harste, 2020); Reading Revealed (Stephens, Harste, Clyde, 2019); Creating Critical Classrooms (Lewison, Leland & Harste); Teaching Children’s Literature:  It’s Critical (Leland, Lewison, & Harste) Negotiating Critical Literacy with Teachers (Vasquez, Tate & Harste); Beyond Reading and Writing (NCTE); Visions of Literacy (Videotape Series, Heinemann); New Policy Guidelines for Reading (ERIC/NCTE); Creating Classrooms for Authors & Inquirers (2nd Edition, Heinemann); The Authoring Cycle (Videotape Series, Heinemann); Visions of Literacy (Videotape Series, Heinemann); Language Stories & Literacy Lessons (with Woodward & Burke, Heinemann).

Children’s Books: It Didn’t Frighten Me! (with Goss); My Icky Picky Sister (with Hazel); Cats (with Burke); A Dog is to Love; A Horse, Of Course!; Baby Animals. (Publisher: Will-o-wisp Press/Mondo Press).

Recent Articles:  The Art of Being Critically Literate (Language Arts); I’m risking it!  Teachers take on consumerism (Journal of Adult and Adolescent Literacy); What Do We Mean by Literacy Now (Voices in the Middle); Supporting critical conversations about literacy in classrooms (Language Arts); Literacy as curricular conversations about knowledge, inquiry, and morality (Theoretical Models & Processes of Reading, 4th Edition); Standards for instructional research (Reading Research Quarterly); Inquiry-based instruction (Primary Voices); Curriculum for the millennium (Australian Journal of Language and Literacy).

Teaching Responsibilities while at IU: Children’s Literature; Issues in Language Education; Critical Literacy: Theories of Reading and Literacy; Educational Leadership and Professional Organizations; Theoretical Models & Processes in Literacy; Methods of Teaching Reading and Language Arts; Creating Classrooms for the Critically Literate.

Current Teaching Responsibilities: Adjunct Professor for Mount Saint Vincent University’s Graduate Degree in Critical Literacy.